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JSA Associates offer a coaching partnership to help you realise the potential in your business, teaching you how to best source investment to enable growth, but on terms that allow you to keep control over your business.

We coach your senior staff, maximising their potential, which in turn improves the functionality, capability and capacity of your employees and their ability to deliver to the KPI’s of the business as defined by you.

We take the time to understand the goals you’ve set and deliver a road map to help you achieve them.  Be that scale, growth, value or exit. Whatever the aim, we support you in implementing everything you need to get your business across the finish line.

Not only do we provide all the above, we also provide a service where we match you to investors naturally aligned to your business, creating the opportunity to release working capital so you can realise the true potential of your business.

Why Choose JSA Associates

Delivering the coaching you need

Why JSA Associates?

JSA Associates have been successfully providing coaching and training for 5 years. With a proven track record nationally and internationally. Our programmes are meticulously managed and delivered.


The core elements of our coaching programmes are:

  • Implicit knowledge of your businesses DNA
  • Agreed expectations & deliverables
  • Clear & upfront fees
  • Unambiguous and timely correspondence
  • Review & appraisal of return on investment


We understand what makes your business tick

We deliver

You tell us what you want


Nothing is hidden, costs are transparent


We respond in a timely fashion


Making sure we deliver on our promises

Team Coaching

You’re only as strong as the weakest link

JSA Associates’ Team Coaching acknowledges while the individual is important, how they function as part of a team is critical to ensuring a positive synergy is in place amongst the team members, which in turn guarantees improvements in performance at a team and individual level.

“The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team.” –Phil Jackson

JSA Associates’ team coaches bring high-level facilitation skills and an understanding of group dynamics and organisational development to create a stimulating and potentially transformational team coaching experience.

They enable individuals to think and work better in the context of the task, the group and the organisation and to tackle the obstacles to peak performance.

What you get from JSA Associates team coaching

Team coaches with expertise and understanding of human behaviours and psychology, how organisations work and what drives business goals.

  • A true team coaching approach – experience, realism, pragmatism, honesty, equality and respect, with a robust mix of support and challenge
  • Ability to adapt the programme to the needs of the organisation and the group
  • Building on existing strengths and encouraging solution-focussed thinking
  • Fast-paced, time-efficient and energising
  • Plain talking – no “trainer-speak” or jargon
  • Agreed, achievable and measurable actions and outcomes

Executive Coaching

Example is leadership

Coaching is now recognised as one of the most effective professional development interventions. We can provide executive coaching on almost any business-related topic.


We provide coaching on some of the common traits which have the potential to derail leaders in their work; traits such as perfectionism, procrastination, fierce independence and people pleasing and how to leave them behind and focus on the important things that ensure your senior staff are delivering to the expectations of the business owners or shareholders.

What you get from JSA Associates Executive coaching

  • Career progression and realising potential
  • First 100 days in a new role
  • Leading a team or project
  • Improving confidence, “gravitas” and personal impact
  • Presentation/public speaking/boardroom skills
  • Managing business relationships
  • Work-life balance

Choosing a coach

A good coach will make you see what you can be, not what you are.

Whatever you are looking for we can find the right coach for you. Our coaches include former CEOs of multinational companies who can offer a blend of coaching and mentoring to senior leaders and coaches and we have coaches with substantial experience in almost any sector you can name.


We are experts in matching coach and client. We will usually put forward two or three coaches from the many available at JSA Associates, and telephone “chemistry” conversations will help you to decide which coach you would like to work with.

Whichever coach you choose, you can be secure in the knowledge that all our coaches are professionally trained and supervised by JSA Associates in their coaching work.

In an organisational setting, coaching support may include three-way meetings with line managers and issues such as lines of communication and confidentiality will always be discussed and clearly contracted.

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